Personal Loan Malaysia Guide

In this page, we provide a comprehensive guide on personal loans in Malaysia. Feel free to browse the various sections in this page.

What is a Personal Loan?

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A financial institution (bank) provides a borrower (you) with a personal loan in exchange for a monthly repayment. Personal loans are a type of instalment credit.

You, as the borrower, are required to repay the loan balance plus interest over the specified time in either recurring or monthly repayment.

How does Personal Loan Work in Malaysia?

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The process for personal loans is the same as for any other bank loan. To pay for items you need or want, you apply for a specified loan amount from the bank.

If your loan application is accepted, you will receive the whole amount you requested in one lump sum and then repay the bank in consistent monthly instalments. 

The principal amount plus fees and interest are included in the monthly payments amount. Between six months and ten years, personal loans often have shorter repayment terms than other loan kinds.

Banks in Malaysia that Offer Personal Loan

Here are the top banks in Malaysia that offer personal loan products and services: